Cycling in the Kingdom of Glass

Getting around the Kingdom of Glass on a bike is a great nature experience.

One moment you find yourself in a mammoth spruce forest, and the next you are on a winding path through an open agricultural landscape. With a slower pace than travelling by car, it is easier to find unexpected gems, such as craft stalls, cafes and lakes to swim in.


Book a complete cycling package: Trip length – 50 km x 2.

You can now book electric bikes as optional extras when you book a room!

In our cycling package together with Målerås, we have picked out the very best routes for you to get a unique mix of culture, art, nature and good food during your trip in the Kingdom of Glass. You will cycle on smooth roads, smell the scents of the forests and lakes, and enjoy the tranquility of Småland wilderness. If you see something that looks interesting, just stop and take a break to go on a journey of discovery. 

There are not yet any clearly marked bike routes/paths in the Kingdom of Glass.

However, there is a nice simpler brochure with route suggestions. One of the routes in the brochure is called “Ödevaten Runt” and is about 24 km long. Or you can check out the “Biking around Ödevata” guide.

KulTuren –  The Culture Trip

“KulTuren” is a 140 km trip with marked road signs that is made for those wanting to discover Småland nature, the Emigrant District, and the genuine glass kingdom. However, most of the time you will be on charming narrow winding paved roads.

During the scenic “KulTuren”, you can find many lovely hidden places in Emmaboda and Lessebo municipalities. Such as, traces of ice sheets and industrialization, as well as fairy tales, murders and trolls. Let yourself be soothed by the rustling sounds of the trees and the noise of the mills in this beautiful countryside.

What do you like? Choose a theme for your shorter trip or take on the entire “KulTuren”. Choose between Form & Design, Culture & History, Landscape or Experiences. (Info in Swedish)

Let us know if you are interested in “KulTuren” when you check in and you will receive a printed copy with information about “KulTuren”.

More info:

  • Stay longer – discover more – Book an electric bike during your stay.
    If you do not have your bike with you, you can rent one of our two nice new electric bikes with your room booking.
  • Are you travelling in a climate-smart way?
    If you are coming by train to Emmaboda – then you let us know when you book with us and we will make sure that there is an electric bike for you at the station when you arrive.
  • Freedom during your stay.

Ödevata offers you, as an overnight guest, several different types of activities. You are very welcome to book, both at check-in and during your online room booking.

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Ödevata B&B, a lodge with all you need to have a perfect stay on the beautiful Swedish countryside. In the glass district of Småland near Emmaboda and all the famous glass factories... With a variety of activities as fishing in the 2 lakes, canoeing, swimming and several hiking tracks trough the forest. There are animals as well.
They care for nature and their animals!

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