About Ödevata

We are a residential and conference facility with sustainability in focus, a holiday destination where you can meet nature, each other and yourself. With care and commitment, we offer a meeting place for climate-positive experiences.

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    Ödevata Gårdshotell
    Ödevata 104
    SE – 361 92  EMMABODA

    Tel: +46 47 150 430


    Ödevata B&B, a lodge with all you need to have a perfect stay on the beautiful Swedish countryside. In the glass district of Småland near Emmaboda and all the famous glass factories... With a variety of activities as fishing in the 2 lakes, canoeing, swimming and several hiking tracks trough the forest. There are animals as well.
    They care for nature and their animals!

    Liz Osterbaan


    Rent the entire countryside hotel all year round!To be together, but still have your personal space

    To be together but separately. To have the opportunity to create wonderful memories with exciting experiences and quiet moments - everything is here, ready for you to experience and to explore. Here you can have a different holiday in a really cozy place with those close to you.