The best of Ödevata

Enjoy the best Ödevata has to offer: Relax in nature, comfortable accommodation and plenty to do in all seasons. Our packages offer overnight stays, adventure trips and seasonal experiences in the wilderness, with personal service and great inspiration. Ödevata gives its best to be a getaway – far from the ordinary.

Hållbart Biokol Valborg: Tända brasan utomhus på ett klimatsmart sätt i din egen bakgård

Glass art + Biochar Walburg = Unforgettable weekend

Visit the “Glaskonst 2023” (Art Weekend) event in “Glasriket” (Kingdom of Glass) and we will also invite you to celebrate and take part in the Biochar Walburg event at Ödevata. The program for “Glaskonst 2023” is always packed with unique experiences – plan ahead to see your favourite exhibitions. 

We very much look forward to Biochar Walburg 2023, a large part of our sustainability work, and this year it will spread beyond Sweden’s borders. A physical and digital event on April 30. 

The package is from 28.04.2023 to 01.05.2023 and includes:

  • 3 nights in a comfortable double room in the countryside hotel incl.  breakfast
  • Your individual program for the Art Weekend and relaxing activities in Småland’s wilderness
  • Biochar Walburg celebration includes dinner together in the Conservatory of the Future on April 30.

Price: SEK 3,100 / per person in a double room, SEK 4,500 for a single room

DSC04146 (1)

Floating Sauna Package

Now the sauna season at Ödevata begins in full swing, so it is time to start getting used to the dropping temperature before taking the winter cold plunge. Taking a cold plunge revitalizes your body and mind, so you will have more energy, improved self-esteem, and less pain overall according to research. At Ödevata, we bathe all year round in our wood-fired sauna rafts.

Every season has its charm, but autumn and winter are the best! Book a private wood-fired sauna raft, step inside, pull up the anchor, and feel the whole raft slide out onto the lake.

  • 1 night in a double room at our country hotel.
  • Ödevata’s organic breakfast buffet.
  • Private wood-fired sauna raft out on the lake.
  • Tour of Ödevata’s environmental projects.
  • Extra towels.

SEK 1,595 for two people


Stay at Ödevata over Christmas

Perhaps you are looking for a quiet Christmas to hike and sit in nice saunas? Perhaps you have family near Emmaboda and Nybro? 

As we do not offer breakfast these days, it is not possible to book online – but just send us an email or call us and we will make your reservation. WELCOME!
Tel: +46 47 150 430

Beautiful New Year - calm and rocket-free

Save your four-legged friend and yourself from a scary and loud New Year.

We have vacancies in Axelsson’s Green Lodges.

Price ex. A family for two nights incl. dog SEK 4400 in total including breakfast. 

Gårdshotell framsida, Malins redigerat

Family & Friends - Rent the entire hotel for your group

For your next holiday or trip together, why not rent the entire Ödevata Countryside Hotel for your four-day group excursion? There is space for up to 25 persons and each room has their own bathroom!

Whether it’s for your family, your friends, or your club – the “Family & Friends” package is perfect for anyone who wants a massive countryside hotel exclusively for themselves and to do things at their leisure:

Price: SEK 39,000. If you wish to book for a week, see here


Let Ödevata be your next holiday spot and stay in our country hotel

Plan your next holiday and come to Ödevata! Our fantastic rooms in the country hotel are perfect for both a short and long stay. Enjoy staying at least three nights in July and August, and two nights in May and June, for an immersive experience of nature and sustainable activities. Ödevata is a great holiday destination, with our excellent hospitality and peaceful surroundings.

Enjoy the charm of the countryside and explore fishing, canoeing, hiking, cycling, sauna rafts and much more, as well as accompanied by tasty “fika” and food. Ödevata offers something unique, interesting and genuine for an unforgettable experience.


Biochar + Aquaponics = Magic

Probably the most sustainable activity package offered in Sweden right now. Together we will learn about the wonderful Kontiki and how to produce biochar, as well as we will show you everything we know about biochar. You will also get an insight into the world of aquaponics in our Conservatory of the Future. Knowledge exchange, nature activities, and time together in a comfortable environment with overnight stays and good food from our biochar grill, as well as places for relaxtion.

2 nights in a comfortable double room in the countryside hotel including breakfast.

Price: SEK 3,400 / per person in a double room, SEK 4,400 for a single room


Spring fishing package

When the ice has began to melt and the sun shines more hours a day, it’s time to go fishing. In Ödevata and the surrounding area, there are various lakes to choose from. Together we will find the right place for the best fishing experience.

Booked daily from March 1 to April 28;
SEK 3,450 for two people in a double room

  • 2 nights in a comfortable double room in the countryside hotel, including breakfast
  • Rowing boat with electric motor for 2 days
  • Fishing license for 2 days
  • Use of the self-catering kitchens, inside and outside
  • Bed linen, towels and final cleaning are included

Rent all 3 Axelsson's Green Lodges for yourselves!

For your friends, group, or the whole family!

Price: SEK 30,000/week

Because the lodge is divided into three smaller apartments, everyone gets the privacy they need from time to time during their stay. You can be up to 9 adults and 3 children.

This offer includes the rental of a raft sauna on three occasions, a rowing boat with an electric motor, a canoe, and the use of an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven. Exchange day is Friday.


March 1, we'll open up the calendar for individual bookings

When spring is approaching, we all feel reborn because everything becomes so incredibly beautiful. It is also then that most bookings are made to stay at Ödevata and that makes us happy 🙂WELCOME!

Up until now, we have had the calendar in our booking system closed in order to primarily receive group bookings. On March 1, we will open up for individual bookings of a minimum of three nights from May 1 – August 31.  

Book three nights with us and fill the days with what you want.
Double room: SEK 2,010/pers.
Single room: SEK 3,420/pers.
Family room (2 adults + 2 children): SEK 1,270/pers.
The price refers to accommodation in the countryside hotel for three nights including breakfast/pers. 

Maybe you just want TIME to do nothing; To just be

Maybe you feel like doing physical activities now that nature is at its most beautiful and just before the mosquitoes come. There is no problem filling the days with activities at Ödevata; See our activities



Welcome to the countryside for 122’s Easter tour!

We are a cozy excursion destination in the countryside and we are open both on Easter Eve and Easter Day. 

Experience the countryside and see our fine crafts, interior design, garden, clothes, ceramics, coffee, food, etc. Everyone has something unique, exciting and genuine to offer.


Forest & Tractor

5-6/5 2023

The industry exhibition with a focus on forestry, agriculture, green areas, ATVs and wood handling. Demonstrations of construction and forestry machinery. Vintage show of trucks and tractors. Come and stay at Ödevata regardless of whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor!


A day on the strip

20/5 2023

More info coming


Christmas gift tips!

Throughout the year, we offer you our popular packages, which are perfect to put under the tree as gifts.

– Buy a gift card and the lucky person then books directly with us.
– Buy the package and book the date directly now with us.
– Buy a gift card for the particular package you wish to give.

Send us an email what you want and we will send it via mail or email. 


See more on GoNatureMarket

We collaborate with to bring you more exciting packages and offers! Be sure to check it out!

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Fr. 840:-/rum

Fr. 840:-/rum


Se vår paketkalender nedan

Vi har många kommande evenemang och paket under året, se till att kolla nedan!

Fler paket

Ödevata sjöar

Se mer på GoNatureMarket

Vi samarbetar med för att ge dig fler spännande paket!


Framtidens Orangeri: Gratis Guidning

Boka minst 2 nätter i vårt gårdshotell och få en inspirationsvisning i våra miljöprojekt. Skriv “Gratis guidning” vid bokning.

Fr. 1 480:- (tills 31/05)

Swedish National Day getaway weekend

Fira midsommar & hyra hela gårdshotellet

Hyra hela gårdshotellet över midsommar för tre nätter (24/06 – 27/06), och fira tillsammans i solen!

29 000:-/3 nätter
Upp till 25 pers‏‏‎ ‎


Upplev landsbygden på cyklar

En tvådagars cykeltur genom den småländska idyllen och landsbygden. En tur full med både upplevelser och nya minnen.

Fr. 1 920:- (per pers)

nationaldagsfika midsommar

Nationaldagspaket med nationaldagsfika

Att åka iväg på nationaldagen är ett populärt sätt att fly vardagen.

Fr. 1 340:- (5/6 - 6/6)

Vandra i Glasriket – hållbart och njutbart

Vandra i Glasriket – hållbart och njutbart

Välkomna till en naturupplevelse med guldkant, vi kallar det för ävenflykt. Lite äventyr, men också en utflykt.

Fr. 2 895:- (per pers)

Möt våren i Ödevata

Fira Biokol Valborg på Ödevata

Övernatta (fre – mån) i gårdshotellet, och delta i Biokol Valborg och få en biokol guidning. Skriv “Biokol Valborg” vid bokning.

Fr. 2 520:- (30/4 - 3/5)


Cykla mellan Ödevata och Målerås

Cykelturen tar 2 dagar och tar er genom många typiska svenska samhället/byar

Fr. 950:-/dygn


Paddla i Ödevaten med övernattning

Det är ren dags paddling och två övernattning. Beräknat på att man bokar ett dubbelrum.

Fr. 2 230:- (1/9 - 30/4)

matupplevelser matrunda kalmar småland lokal smaker

Matrunda Kalmar Län paket

Om du letar efter god äkta mat finns det inget bättre sätt än att gå på matrundan. Stanna över helgen och upptäck Kalmar län!

Fr. 2 500:- (10/9-12/9)


2 dagars fiske med övernattning

Bli en äkta ”medlem” i vår FiskeCamp och upplev 2 dagars fiske. 

Fr. 2 430:- (1/9 - 30/4)


Bastu med

2 nätter i dubbelrum på vår gårdshotell och 2 timmars bastu paket.

Fr. 2 330:- (1/9 - 30/4)

Möt våren i Ödevata

Fira Biokol Valborg på Ödevata

Övernatta (fre – mån) i gårdshotellet, och delta i Biokol Valborg och få en biokol guidning. Skriv “Biokol Valborg” vid bokning.

Fr. 2 520:- (30/4 - 3/5)

Swedish National Day getaway weekend

Celebrate Midsummer together in the country

Rent out our country hotel over midsummer for three nights (24/06 – 27/06), and celebrate together in the sun!

SEK 29 000 / 3 nights Up to 25 pers‏‏‎ ‎


Conservatory of the Future: Free Guide

Book at least 2 nights in our hotel and get an inspirational tour of our environmental project. Write “Free guided tour” when booking.

Fr. SEK 1 480
(until 31/05)


Kalmar county foodie experience

A food tour is a great way to taste local foods and learn about the region’s culture. Stay over the weekend to explore Kalmar!

Fr. SEK 2 500

national day sweden pastries fika midsummer

Celebrate National Day with "fika"

Time to get away and enjoy the beginning of summer! Stay overnight and we will celebrate the National Day together in style!

Fr. SEK 1 340
(5/6 - 6/6)

Möt våren i Ödevata

Celebrate Biochar "Valborg" at Ödevata

Stay (Fri – Mon) in our hotel and participate in Biochar “Valborg” + guided biochar tour. Write “Biochar Valborg” when booking.

Fr. SEK 2 520
(30/4 - 3/5)


Paddle in "Ödevaten" with overnight stay

Enjoy a pure day of paddling in a lake with 2 nights in our hotel. Price depends on room type.

Fr. SEK 2 230
(1/9 - 30/4)



Stay 2 nights in a double room at our hotel, and get 2 hours of sauna by the lake for yourself!

Fr. SEK 2 330
(1/9 - 30/4)


2 days fishing with overnight stay

Become a real “member” of our Fishing Camp, and experience 2 days of fishing. Incl. boat rental + life jackets.

Fr. SEK 2 430
(1/9 - 30/4)


Cycle between
Ödevata and Målerås

The cycling trip takes 2 days, 50 km per day. It takes you through many typical Swedish society/villages.

Fr. SEK 950/day
‏‏‎ ‎

Hike in the Kingdom of Glass - Sustainable and enjoyable

Go hiking in the Kingdom of Glass

We call it an “escape”. You will not only go on an excursion, but also embark on an adventure. We have prepared everything you need.

Fr. SEK 2 895
(per person)


Experience the countryside on bikes

Go on a two-day bike trip through Småland’s idyllic countryside. Stop by interesting places, and enjoy long-distance cycling.

Fr. SEK 1 920
(per person)


Ödevata Gårdshotell
Ödevata 104
SE – 361 92  EMMABODA

Tel: +46 47 150 430


Ödevata B&B, a lodge with all you need to have a perfect stay on the beautiful Swedish countryside. In the glass district of Småland near Emmaboda and all the famous glass factories... With a variety of activities as fishing in the 2 lakes, canoeing, swimming and several hiking tracks trough the forest. There are animals as well.
They care for nature and their animals!

Liz Osterbaan