Ödevata Gårdshotell

Ödevata’s eco-program 2021-2026

As you may have read in our previous update blog, we were planning to start our new environmental program. Today we are happy to say that we have made a concrete five-year plan for the program. The choices we make today affect how the world looks in the future. Therefore, we have developed an eco-program to document our efforts and learn how we can improve our methods to become a better ecotourism holiday destination in Sweden.

The preservation of our environment, and the development of sustainable solutions that help to create a more resource-saving. sustainable lifestyle, and greener business, has been a driving force for Malin and Magnus Axelsson for several years. Our previous projects (from aquaponic cultivation in the greenhouse to the production of biochar) are testimonies to the excellent work and the contribution from our staff and guests.

ecotourism eco program environmental friendly sustainable holiday destination in Sweden

Documenting our progress

To be environmentally friendly is to live with intention. The intention is focused on protecting the environment and preventing damage to the environment through our interactions with it. It goes beyond an idea and extends to actual practices that affect how societies, companies and individuals behave. Being eco-friendly is more than just recycling or saving energy. It’s about changing the way we live our lives.

Awareness of the importance of using resources more efficiently is increasing. Now in Ödevata, we are registering for the first time the many small things that we have done for several years, or areas we want to work on more, to contribute towards a sustainable future. Below is a summary of our environmental program that we are planning for the next five years.

  • Save resources – in all areas of our company
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Reduce the amount of waste by 10% by 2026 The amount of non-recyclable waste is weighed and documented 30.08.2021 Management  (M) – Office
  Staff and residents are informed and instructed about the separation system 15.09.2021 M – Office
  Products without packaging are preferred to be purchased (applies to the areas of hotel, breakfast, cleaning products, new furniture, etc.) 31.12.2021 M – Office
  Garbage & building materials are sorted and separated into 15 categories 30.01.2022 M – Contruction
  Building material is reused or given away (including cables, metal) 30.01.2022 M – Contruction
Environmentally friendly purchasing
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Environmentally friendly products are preferred all cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly (with eco-label) and easy to use


M – Office
  By 2026, 70% of our breakfast products will be local, seasonal or organic – we are increasing this proportion year after year.


M – Office
  Laundry service is provided by an eco-certified and local company


M – Office
  90% of all white goods are bought second hand 04.03.2024 M – Contruction
  Office supplies are bought from 90% recycled / sustainable material or have an eco-label


M – Contruction
  Repair before buying new. For new purchases we follow this order: 50% 2nd hand, 40% high quality, 10% less good / not local quality


M – Contruction
Preservation and construction of buildings
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Sustainable construction and maintenance The insulation used is made from second-hand or recycled material 31.12.2026 M – Construction
  new building material is only purchased when a recyclable material cannot be found or purchased locally 31.12.2023 M – Construction
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
  80% of the furniture is bought on the secondary market and not new. Items that are no longer used are sold or given away before we throw them away 31.12.2023 M – Construction
  Discarded material that can be reused next year is stored or resold or given away after one year without use 31.12.2023 M – Construction
Power consumption
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Reduce electricity consumption by 10% Use of only green 100% Swedish electricity since Jan 2017 01.01.2021 M – Office
  Energy consumption is documented (counted) and compared with overnight stays and construction projects, winter etc. 30.08.2021 M – Office
  Guests will be informed about ways to reduce power consumption and our attempt to reduce it 15.04.2021 M – Office
  To avoid standby electricity, sockets with switches (on / off) are installed in houses, hotels, kitchens 15.12.2022 M – Office
  Notes in the houses / hotel kitchens ask guests to save energy by switching off the stand-by mode 15.12.2022 M – Office
Heating system
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Reduce heating energy by 5% Usage of a solar panel for hot water in two houses is being examined 31.12.2023 M – Construction
  Connection of a solar panel connected to the heating system in a permanently rented apartment is being checked. 31.12.2023 M – Construction
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
reduce diesel consumption/ car use / Fuel consumption is documented 30.08.2021 M – Office
  Local products are preferred 31.12.2025 M – Office
  Wood for the heating system is purchased locally 30.12.2021 M – Construction
  Trips for shopping etc. are combined and coordinated with neighbors 31.12.2025 M – Office
  In summer, purchases for breakfast are done by bike if possible 31.12.2023 M – Office
  Only HVO – fossil-free fuel is used for all vehicles and diesel machines since spring 2021 31.12.2025 M – Construction
Water usage
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Reduce water consumption continuously Water-saving products and machines (shower, toilet, dishwasher) are used


M – Construction
  Rainwater is collected in tanks and used to water plants 30.05.2021 M – Construction
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
  Water from the lake is used in the whirlpool or used for watering plants


M – Construction
  Usage of lake water within the garden will be tested


M – Construction
  Own tap water is used as drinking water. Bottled water is never bought. 31.12.2025  
  • Share awareness – with our guests
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
Guests are informed of efforts Regular tours inform guests about the aquaponic system in the greenhouse and biochar production 30.10.2021 M – Office
  Signs about electricity and water consumption and waste sorting are available in all kitchens 30.10.2021 M – Office
  a cupboard is set up to encourage people to swap groceries and pass on things. 30.05.2021 M – Office
  • Passing on knowledge – being a role model for others
Communication – Online and in Ödevata
Objective Measure Deadline Responsible
We share our expierence to inspire others Separate area on the website will be developed 31.12.2022 M – Office
  Environmental commitment is pointed out in newsletters and emails 31.12.2022 M – Office
  The design of our waste sorting station is checked and improved 30.05.2021 M – Office
  Every year 10 excursions take place for groups who want to implement their own projects (biochar, aquaponic-system) and guarantee the exchange of best practice and inspiration 31.05.2022 M – Office
  Cooperation with schools and universities will be expanded 31.05.2023 M – Office

We at Ödevata have always promoted sustainability. Ödevata’s operations are conducted with three dimensions of sustainability: ecological, social and economic. Environmental issues are part of ecological sustainability. All three dimensions are long-term and important for our journey to become a better ecotourism holiday destination in Sweden.