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Celebrate a sustainable Biokol Valborg together

We are very happy you are interested in Biokol Valborg 2024!

Our idea this year is not only to have lots of biokol afterwards, but also get to know a little more about all the places who are already a part (or want to become one soon) of our growing network.

What’s going on for Biokol Valborg 2024?

Every place has a good reason to celebrate Valborg and change the tradition to a more sustainable
one. We love how everyone of us has different ways to do this and are happy there are so many
different ideas.

But we would also like to show the bigger picture and make our network visible. Our aim is to create
a map so we can show all places where one is celebrating Valborg with Biokol! AND: we want to have
a live stream on Youtube to spread the word even further.

Speaking of a timetable, please see the information below, and you are welcome to join either by watching or taking an active role there, too.

Therefore, please take a few minutes to answer these questions for us to understand what Biokol Valborg means to you! 

Event details

Hosts: Ödevata Gårdhotell & GoNatureMarket

Date: 30/04

Time: 17:00-18:00

Link: YouTube

To watch the event
Subscribe to Ödevata’s Youtube channel! We will set up an upcoming live stream.

To participate in Biokol Valborg
1. Fill in the questionnaire below.
2. We will contact you and give you the details.

    To create an interesting storyline for the live stream, we need a few pre-recorded videos as well as
    stream some live interviews. We will come up with further info to all who want to take an active part
    in this, but basically different persons should answer one question about biokol production (for
    example the questions from number 5 – number 9.

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    We celebrate Valborg together online by lighting the bonfire at the same time and making biochar!

    – Ödevata Gårdshotell & GoNatureMarket

    ””When Ödevata told us about the fantastic idea for Biokol Valborg, we were hooked immediately! Gathering around a fire is always equally appreciated by young and old, and also starting the home production of biochar for this year’s crops is a big bonus. This year we will invite friends to a really cozy Biokol Valborg!””

    – Lotta Ek and Mattias Gustavsson from EcoTopic

    What is Biokol Valborg?

    Valborg has long been a tradition where we gather around a fire and celebrate the arrival of spring. For years we focused on having big bonfires and gatherings.

    Today it is more difficult to celebrate Valborg together. The fires themselves are also not very sustainable. For example, the thick smoke form the fire releases carbon dioxide and immense efforts is required to clean up the ashes. Despite this, we think that Valborg celebrations are an important tradition to have.

    We want to reduce the waste of the fire and at the same time have a lovely community around the fire outdoors. Instead of letting the pile of branches burn to ashes, let’s make biochar and use it in our garden.

    Why Biokol Valborg

    Fire, darkness and water are three elements that fascinate us.

    • Talk about and highlight biochar’s fantastic properties.
    • Find a safer and alternative way to regular bonfires.
    • Everyone can participate. Even with a small tin can can end up with the neighbors around a larger charcoal barrel, like a Kontiki.

    With Biokol Valborg, Malin and Magnus make us all focus on the black gold of biochar. They are often referred to as “Biochar ambassadors” and have an aspiration to increase interest, get a market started and to encourage large and small producers of biochar alike.

    When we see the small changes and the positive effects improving where we live, it is easier for us to understand climate change globally. Every time we have gathered around a Kontiki, it has always been great. The fire fascinates us. The biochar talks are also lively. Lots of ideas come up regarding producing biochar, how to use it and how to collect the material to make the biochar.

    The visitors Ödevata have had started to discuss sometimes big ideas, such as reconfiguring the heating facility in their municipality, or maybe contact places that has lots of material to make biochar from. Maybe even sell the biochar.

    When everyone thinks about it, there are materials near them that could make biochar from, and when you also talk together, you come up with many areas of use. Even maybe figure out how to make a Kontiki yourself. The talks are exciting and we want Ödevata to lead the way.

    Fira ett hållbart Biokol Valborg tillsammans i din egen Backyard bakgård