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Foodie trip around Kalmar county 2021

matrunda matupplevelse kalmar

We are part of the food tour around Kalmar County event

Most fantastic authentic food places are not the ones found in any guides. On the food tour, you will visit local hidden gems that are the immediate favorite with the visitors. You will learn about local dishes, how history and local culture have influenced the cuisine. It is the perfect foodie trip.

You probably wouldn’t get to know much about the cultural significance of certain foods, as well as when and how they are eaten if you do not go on a food tour. This is also an excellent opportunity to explore the region and understand how different Kalmar county is from other parts of Sweden.

Our event package

You can visit all the places in the event at another time, but you will not be able to experience that much. This is a special journey of discovery where the locals give you tips on forgotten dishes, traditional foods and interesting stories behind each ingredient. You can even take some of the recommendations home and recreate the wonderful experience from this foodie trip.

You will get to taste the local flavors and locally produced ingredients, have fantastic hosts, and get to know Kalmar county better. If you want to stay longer because you just can not leave the beautiful landscape behind, or want to combine your stay with other activities, contact us and we will help you!

Read more about the package or contact us via email, info@odevata.se, or call us: +46 47 150 430 for booking questions.